Three Off the Tee Iss. 12

What’s up, gentleman! What a weekend...We’re back, and we’re recapping the weekend with a special Masters Edition of Three Off The Tee. And as always, we’re sharing the best laughs and memes to help you stay sane until this weekend’s round.  

Rahm takes home a coveted (and sexy) green jacket

Jon Rahm showed us that you can 4-putt your first hole and still win The Masters. The Spaniard trailed nearly all weekend before overtaking Brooks Koepka in the final round. Brooks had a word or two to say about the group in front of him and Rahm - but more on that later. 

Slow Play Kills

Koepka ripped the ‘brutally slow’ play in front of him after losing his weekend long lead at Augusta. Patrick Cantlay was to blame as he took his sweet a** time for every shot, holding up Rahm and Koepka as they played for the lead. 

Tiger narrowly makes the cut, then withdraws

Tiger had it rough to say the least. After spotty start, his boy JT took one for the team missing Saturday’s cut, allowing Tiger to make it to the final round. Ahh what we wouldn’t do to see the old Tiger again…

Golf Blunder Videos

What a start to the Masters…

NOT intentional

One to forget for JT

USAG Memes, the only thing funnier than your short game.

The Masters is upon us, and we just dropped the brand new Green Jacket Polo