Three Off the Tee Iss. 13

Grab your clubs and get ready for Three Off the Tee! Bringing you the best (and most bizarre)  golf news, along with our usual memes and fails. And in our latest edition, find out why a golf course decided it was a good idea to start Breathalyzing players (scroll to our last story to find out). 

All good things come to an end

It’s the end of an era. Tiger Woods split with his long-time caddie Joe LaCava after nearly 12 incredible years. Joe stood by Tiger through thick and thin despite large stints of inactivity due to Tiger’s injury (and personal) troubles. What a real one. LaCava will be pairing up with Patrick Cantlay for the Wells Fargo tournament and the foreseeable future. The split has us all asking if the end is near for Tiger… I guess we’ll just have to wait and see. 

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Well, that was awkward.

LIV players' eligibility for OWGR points is still a hot topic, even if the PGA/LIV feud seems to have died down. The issue took center stage on Twitter when Phil Mickelson responded to Colt Knost criticizing LIV players. Their spat went back and forth a few times before Colt invited, and eventually begged, Phil to appear on his podcast - not once, but three times. Rumor has it Colt’s still sliding in Phil’s DMs to this day.

Keep the 5 bucks…

A NY course looking to bolster its bottom line implemented a “corkage” fee, forcing players to cough up $5 for bringing their own booze. And what if, on the rare occasion, players didn’t plan on drinking on the course? Well, they still had to cough up $5… but to get their 5 bones back and prove they hadn’t snuck a few in, said NY course forced players to take a Breathalyzer. The weird policy ended up going viral before ultimately getting scrapped. Get it together, people. 

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Mic drop?

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Bravo Sergio!

USAG Memes, the only thing funnier than your short game.