Three Off the Tee Iss. 14

The gang’s back with another issue of Three Off the Tee (and boy, do we have a doozy). You guessed it; we’re covering the biggest story in the world of golf for the last few years.  Plus, stick around for our final story to find out how going fishing for balls in a water hazard can have you end up in a hospital from a gunshot wound.


PGA Tour merges with rival LIV Golf

“iTs NoT A mErGeR”

The longstanding feud has come to an end. The PGA Tour and LIV golf are now set to merge after a several-year-long conflict between both organizations. The winners? It’s hard to say. Possibly LIV since some say that was their plan all along. Or the PGA, since they’ll get a truckload of cash injected from Saudi Arabia. More than likely, the biggest winners out of the ordeal are players who took millions on millions to join LIV before being welcomed back by the PGA with open arms. And yes, that also means the PGA loyalists like Rory and Tiger lost out on hundreds of millions for almost nothing. Good thing they’ve both got plenty of dough to spare.

PGA Tour

Capitol Hill to the rescue!

Who woulda’ guessed it - politicians to the rescue…Our very own senate is taking a closer look at the merger plans between PGA Tour and LIV Golf, which could potentially halt the deal. The same human rights concerns Jay Monahan once raised (and seemingly forgot) are partly to blame for Capitol Hill’s involvement. Meanwhile, the Department of Justice is also investigating anticompetitive practices related to players joining LIV. If the merger goes ahead, it could put the PGA Tour and LIV Golf under even more scrutiny from antitrust regulators, potentially leading to delays or even blocking the deal. We’ll have to wait and see how this whole thing plays out.Well, that was awkward.



Hunting and golf courses don’t mix.

Hunting and golf courses don’t mix.

Imagine putting on your wetsuit, getting geared up to go fishing for Pro V1s, and ending up with a gunshot wound in a hospital. Well, that’s exactly what happened at a course in Dublin, Ireland, when a group of men volunteered to help a club recover lost balls near a lake. The shooter says he believed the man in the wetsuit to be an animal before firing a shot and injuring the victim. And that’s exactly why hunting grounds and golf courses don’t mix.Golf Blunder Videos 


One of us! One of us! 🌊


He’s gonna’ regret that one…

If it works, it works.

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