Three Off the Tee Iss. 9

Yo! It’s your pals from U Suck at Golf throwing you some friendly February hijinks and golf highlights….and lowlights. Strap in, and let’s do this!

Don’t Go in the Lake. Seriously.

You know it’s bad when local cops have to tell you to stay out of the water.  Scottsdale, AZ police issued a warning recently about taking a dip in golf course ponds. Pesticides, chemicals, and probably magical creatures. And we guess they have a point.

Buddy Missed the Memo Apparently.

Rory Freaking Mcllroy.

So get this. Rory was at the amazing Waste Management Open in Phoenix. He was pulling his punches and having a rough time with back-to-back bogeys, and then nailed this shot, which commentators called virtually impossible. Check it.

Tiger’s Back.

Tiger Woods announced he’s back. And that’s pretty freaking cool, given he’s uh, Tiger Woods. Post car crash and drama, what do you think his chances are? We’re excited over here to see what happens next. 

When You Go Off the Green….in Spectacular Style.

It just kept rolling. 


Angry Golfers….amiright?