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You’re a decent dude, but you’d never give anyone this shirt off your back.

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The Mulligan Guarantee

Shop like you’ll never get screwed over. Because you won’t: all of our products are backed by our Mulligan Guarantee.

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The Mulligan Guarantee

We pride ourselves on two things: the craftsmanship of our products, and our commitment to never screw over our customers. The Mulligan Guarantee covers both: so, if for some reason you’re not fully satisfied with what you got, you can return any U Suck at Golf product for a full refund within a year. After one year, we’ll also hear you out on any item that isn’t performing as promised—we call that incorrectile dysfunction and while that rarely happens, we’re always down for a do-over.

Exceptions to the Rule

The way we think of our Mulligan Guarantee is: It’s not you, it’s us. If it’s something we did (a defect or malfunction), we want to make it right, but if it’s a normal wear and tear issue (or, ya know, you lit your gear on fire after a triple bogey), it’s not covered by our policy. (After all, our stuff is superior, not superhuman.)