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[old]Our Story

Let me paint you a picture. It’s Saturday morning at your favorite local course and you and your three buddies are next on the tee. This is a grudge match. You and your partner got your clocks cleaned last weekend, and you aren’t about to lose two in a row. The first hole is a relatively simple, dog-leg left par 5 with a little trouble up near the green. You absolutely stripe your tee shot, and now you only have 230 yards to the green. You think, “Damn, I can reach this par 5 in two, no problem. Let’s see…5 iron or 4 iron? What does Jason Day hit from 230?” Now, because you’re smart and you aren’t Jason Day, you take out 3 wood. You proceed to slice it into the right trees (Fore!), drop a ball “on the line it went in,” chunk a wedge to the front of the green and 3 putt (the third putt was a gimme from 6 feet). You suck.

And that’s OK. USAG was inspired by a story just like this, by two friends who after years of frustration and club flings, lost balls and lost tempers, finally realized that it’s OK to suck at golf. In fact, we embrace it. Hell, it wasn’t that long ago that guys wore a waistcoat and tie to tee it up. Talk about stuffy. What would those guys say now about our Fuck 3 Putts Cover .Or how about Amateur Golf Tour Tee?

Bottom line: golf is a game and nothing more. Let’s get back to treating it like one. So go ahead, crack open a beer and laugh at your buddy who just shanked it into the parking lot…because you’re next.

Our Promise

Just because we suck at golf doesn’t mean we suck at customer service. At USAG, our customers are our family. We’re all in this together. Our customers are the ones who make this awesome community what it is, and it is our promise to deliver first class quality products and superior service every step of the way. From stylish apparel to unique golf accessories, USAG will bring you and your foursome more fun on the course, while providing exceptional customer service off the course. Join us and we’ll have your back for life…even when you top it in the water.

The Team